Jaltest Marine Package Case Study


Area Sales Manager, Louis Dowson, has just handed over a new Jaltest marine package to D B Marine Essex Ltd, Colchester. 

The guys used Jaltest software to diagnose a fuel pressure deviation fault on a local Essex Fishery Patrol vessel with an Iveco-FPT engine. 

Here's what Louis Dowson had to say regarding the Jaltest Marine Package:

"The customer had highlighted a suspected fuel issue with a vessel which happened only at a certain engine speed & load. We decided to take the vessel for a test run off the coast of Brightlingsea after discovering the fault code on Jaltest. This test enabled us to display live and required vehicle data on Jaltest software, showing what the fuel pressures were against what they should have been, clearly showing a substantial deviation. With the help of Jaltest and Eclipse technical support teams, we were able to provide the relevant "path to repair" for our customer, hopefully leading to a successful fix."

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Code / 8C:81 - 0C.

Possible causes or system faults/reactions:

High pressure circuit fuel leakage.

Injector jammed in fuel passage open position.

MPROP adjuster open movement jammed

Faulty high pressure pump.

MPROP regulator jammed.


Recommended repair:

Check fuel feed system.

Check hydraulic and mechanical efficiency of injectors.

Check efficiency of MPROP adjuster

Check efficiency of high pressure pump.

Check rail pressure sensor

Check MPROP regulator, replace if required.

Check fuel feed system, replace high pressure pump if required.

Check faulty fuel feed system (fuel pump and filter jammed).

Check fuel return (possible pump issue

Check overpressure valve

Check blockage with pick up

Check the high pressure system. Replace high pressure pump if required.



Fuel management and pressure failure in rail.

Possible pressure relief valve fault.

300 bar idle - 1300 bar full load


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