Scania Diagnostics

Camshaft SensorScania is a leading global company that manufactures buses, coaches and engines, and has been long-established as one of the leading truck manufacturers.

With such popularity, there is a large demand for Scania diagnostics software and we are delighted that our powerful, and highly regarded, multi-brand diagnostics equipment covers all Scania trucks and vehicles.

The Jaltest diagnostics software that we provide is the industries no. 1 multi brand commercial truck diagnostic software, and includes numerous of functionality improvements throughout the year, including the 17.3 Scania updates shown below:

- ICL2 wiring diagram configuration.
- DIS 2 Distance sensor, images and technical data.
- Troubleshootings by errors, e.g. DTC 4488 in the EMS XPI engine system and DTC 4116 in the AdBlue Denox 1.x system.

Coverage improvement, new systems and functions
P, G, R Series
- DIS 2 Distance sensor, calibration.
- EMS HPI engine system, clutch wear reduction and torque limitation configuration.
- EMS PDE engine system, torque limitation configuration.
- BMS brake system, steering wheel angle sensor and yaw rate sensor calibrations.
- BWS bodywork system, torque limiter parameters modification.

 Please see the video below to see our diagnostic equipment in action:

Contact our friendly team today for more information on our Scania diagnostics software, or view our Trucks Diagnostics page.

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