Renault Diagnostics

Established in 1899, Renault is one of the most world renowned vehicle manufacturers and produces a wide range of cars and vans, as well as trucks, buses and coaches.

Eclipse Automotive provides the industries leading multi brand vehicle diagnostics software, which covers all Renault vehicles, making it the must have diagnostics solution.

testpad 3The functionality of the software includes:

• Reading and deleting of error codes saved in the vehicle ECU
• Displaying and graphing of live vehicle data
• Adjustment of vehicle settings
• Activate devices and components
• Programming of ECU’s on many systems
• Detailed interactive wiring diagrams

Not only this, but the Jaltest software also receives numerous updates per year, with the 17.3 update include the following functionality improvements:

- The info displayed for the DTCs has been generally improved in several systems linking the component of the wiring diagram to each one. That is for the following systems: AdBlue ACM, EMS engine, TECU transmission, APM (Air Proccess Management), EBS brakes, ... installed in V4 technologies models.
- ECM ZD DTi3 engine system installed in D Series V3 Euro 6 (3,5 - 7,5 t), new wiring diagram
configurations for vehicles 150 hp and 180 hp.
- DCI Euro 2/3 engine system, new wiring diagram configurations for 4 cylinders engines in Midlum.

jaltest02Coverage improvement, new systems and functions:

V3 technology:
- EMS engine system, fan clutch test and VTG (Variable Turbine Geometry) activation.
- New system! DACU (Driver Assistant Controller Unit)
- New system! LPOS (Lane Position Object Sensor)
D Series V3 Euro 6 (3,5 - 7,5 t)
- Measurements for ECM ZD DTi3, AdBlue ADCM, and ABS/ESP systems.

So, if you are looking for Renault diagnostics then Eclipse Automotive have everything covered and more.

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