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Jaltest ADAS Package

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Eclipse Jaltest ADAS Package is a Multi-Brand diagnostic solution for truck, bus, coach and LCV. This really is a truly powerful all-round ADAS calibration solution with effective results.

Using the powerful Jaltest Multi-Brand software, calibrations of the vehicles onboard ADAS systems can be performed. This includes lane departure, emergency braking and adaptive cruise control with pre-conditioning instructions, Diagnosis, Wiring Diagrams, Technical Data and Technical Procedures.

What is ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)?

It is a multi-brand solution that will provide the workshop with a high added value and it will allow it to take care of the calibrations of the ADAS systems that are increasingly present in the commercial vehicle sector. 

Calibration is the process of realigning cameras and sensors, usually attached to windscreens, which input information and ultimately control a vehicle’s Advanced Driver Assistance System features.

Technicians have to disconnect cameras and sensors when replacing a windscreen. When reconnecting the camera alignment could be compromised and new glass placement may differ fractionally. The Jaltest ADAS calibration package enables the user to restore all systems to the exact position and condition they were in originally, pre-windscreen replacement.

Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro is a rugged 12.3” handheld PC tablet that links to the Jaltest multiplexer unit which connects to the vehicle using the relevant cable provided in the package.

ADAS Calibration Functionality:

• Reading and Deleting of Fault codes
• Displaying of vehicle settings
• Live data reading/recording
• Parameter modifications
• Detailed interactive wiring diagrams
• Radar Calibration Static and Dynamic
• Lane Departure Calibration
• Emergency braking and adaptive cruise control calibration 

What’s Included:

• Eclipse Testpad Extreme® Pro, handheld workshop Tablet PC
• Jaltest V9 Link Multiplexer with long distance Bluetooth
• Specific cable kit
• Jaltest Soft ADAS multi-brand software
• Wheel Clamps, Targets, Laser Reference
• Laser Measurer

• Target Frame
• On-site handover training
• 12 Months Eclipse technical support and remote assist (Vehicle & I.T.)
• 12 months software licence and updates

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